Music Reviews: Connor’s Picks for February 21st

Well hello there. Long time no talk.

I am back (unfortunately for you all) with some more upcoming album previews!

Yes, after a long 4-5 months (when was October?), I am back, and more focused on music than ever before!

Can’t say much will be changed, as I am perfect, and so are my articles, but hey, there might be a new thing or two. I’m just kidding, there won’t be.

So let’s get to that music, music get-to’ers!

fun. – “Some Nights”

First up, we have the sophomore album from fun. Now, when you think of indie pop, this band is the very definition of it. Newly signed (two years is still new, dammit) to Fueled by Ramen, the fast-growing in popularity label that houses such bands as Paramore and Panic! At the Disco, this record could really be the breakout for the band from New York. The first single, ‘We Are Young,’ was featured on the hit show Glee, much to the shock and surprise of the band. This one is their big one. I hear it all the time on the radio where I’m at. ‘One Foot’ and ‘Carry On’ are the second and third singles, respectively, and both are quite different from the lead single in that they’re not as flashy with the pop sound like ‘We Are Young.’ The band have said that this LP was influenced by Kanye West, of all people. Figure that one out.

Visit their official site at for previews, tour info and more.


Sleigh Bells – “Reign of Terror”

The album I want most this week (no offense, other bands. You’re all still cool) is from Sleigh Bells. Ever since their song ‘Infinity Guitars’ from their first album “Treats” came out, I’ve been in love. Described as noise pop, though noise rock would probably be a better fit, because this is straight up rock and roll. Sleigh Bells have become increasingly bigger since “Treats,” having performed on SNL on the February 18th episode. In a different way to promote the album, the Florida-based band toured strictly in venues around their state to celebrate the pre-release, kind of as a ‘thank you’ for the state that gave birth to them. The CD’s first single, ‘Comeback Kid’ is noisy and loud, and completely awesome. (I really should stop being so biased in my articles…oh well.) Released through Mom + Pop Records, go out of your way to find this one at a record store, because doing that is much more fun than buying online.


Buckethead – “Electric Sea”

Releasing his 35th studio album this week is Buckethead. 35th. That should tell you something about this man, having released 35 albums since 1992 (29 since 2002). “Electric Sea” is actually a sequel to ‘Head’s 2002 record “Electric Tears.” Three of the songs on “Electric Sea” are covers of songs by Johann Sebastian Bach and Alfredo Catalani, so those being covered by Buckethead must truly sound amazing. For those that don’t know, Buckethead is a really, really good guitar player. That’s not even covering the surface, but hey, I have more albums to preview so I ain’t got time. Also on the record is the song ‘The Homing Beacon,’ which is a tribute to the late and great Michael Jackson, whom Buckethead was a really big fan of. On top of all that, the album artwork is simply a picture of a wave (with the album name and Buckethead’s name), but it looks really, really amazing. Go out searching for this one, because it sounds great!


Galactic – “Carnivale Electricos”

Here’s something a lot of you may not be familiar with. The band Galactic, hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, is funky and jazzy — one awesome combination. Going to their roots of NOLA, this album was inspired by Mardi Gras. (In fact, 2/21 is Mardi Gras Day, so get your beads ready) The first single is ‘Hey Na Na’ and as I’m listening to it, it really makes me wanna start dancing. The whole album is actually available to listen to at Team Coco’s website, and the band will perform on the 3/29 episode of Conan, so that’s something to look forward to! And if you were by chance wondering where the rapper Mystikal’s been (all 2 of you), he makes an appearance on a song on “Carnivale Electricos!”


Grimes – “Visions”

Someone else you may not know is the artist known as Grimes. Real name being Claire Boucher, the two pseudonym’s just don’t go together, in my opinion. But that’s not what matters, what matters is the music, which she provides. Grimes’ music is rather slow, and sort of trance-y in a way. Very nice to listen to if you just want to relax. It’s somber and relaxing, as the single ‘Genesis’ showed me. Not only is it that, but it’s like a fusion of pop and punk as well. Just check it out for yourself. Here’s audio of the song, posted by Grimes herself. “Visions” will be out for us in North America on February 21st, but the rest of the world has to wait til March 21st to pick it up.

You can find Grimes on Twitter @Grimezsz so go tell her how awesome she is and that the Freakin’ Awesome Network is how you find out about her!



And there we have it. I’m back, and I’m gonna keep coming back until I’m not wanted back anymore. And I couldn’t be happier about it!

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