Music Previews: Connor’s Picks for February 28th

What do WZRD, Chiddy Bang, the Cranberries, Corrosion of Conformity, and Plants and Animals all have in common? Why they all have new releases out this week! That’s what!



Getting things started here, we all know Kid Cudi. We all know what he’s done, but now? Now he’s doing something different. Something pretty cool, if you ask me. Teaming with producer Dot Da Genius, this duo have gone a new route in music. Instead of rap, they have alternative rock. And it’s good. First single is ‘Teleport 2 Me, Jamie,’ but that one is nothing compared to ‘Brake.’ Ok…I shouldn’t say it’s nothing, because it isn’t, it’s a good song, I just like ‘Brake’ a lot. WZRD had originally posted every song off this 11-track album on their official YouTube channel, however some, if not all of those have been removed via their record label. These songs definitely aren’t for everyone, as this has a very niche taste to it, but if you’re a fan of Cudi you may appreciate it.

If you like what you heard from their YouTube page, go out and get this album when it comes out!


Chiddy Bang – “Breakfast”


Everyone likes breakfast! That’s probably the route this band was going with their debut album, which already has some buzz surrounding it. The first single ‘Mind Your Manners’ was featured on both the Madden ’12 soundtrack, as well as Now That’s What I Call Music! 39. Second single, ‘Ray Charles,’ is obviously about the man, the myth and the legend…Stevie Wonder. No? Oh, sorry, wrong blind guy. It’s quite a tribute to Ray Charles, as well as his music. The music video features motown-esque backup singers, and it sounds like a mix between something from the 60s and something from the 90s. Very interesting sound, and you can watch the video here, as well as follow the band on Twitter, and like them on Facebook!


The Cranberries – “Roses”


Were you a fan of ‘Zombie’? Especially when Andy Bernard sang it once on The Office? Well the makers of that hit are returning with their first new album in 11 years! ‘Show Me The Way’ shows us the way that they are headed, and it’s quite a fun direction. This song is a bit soft, but it’s a good soft. Released by Cooking Vinyl, a label that holds releases from The Prodigy, The Donnas, and Art Brut under their belts, so you know this one is one to listen to!






Corrosion of Conformity – “Corrosion of Conformity”


Fans of stoner rock can rejoice, as CoC has something new out! Not a stoner myself, but I quite enjoy this genre of music, so this is definitely something I can appreciate. Touring in the US in March, then in the UK and Germany in April, fans from around can watch them perform and probably get high off the music alone! You can also listen to two tracks off their self-titled album riiiiiiight here.





Plants and Animals – “The End of That”


Indie rockers Plants and Animals have a third album out this week, and the single ‘Lightshow’ is quite indie rockin’! From Canada, PAA have previously had their music featured on the show Chuck, and that same song was featured as a single of the week on iTunes in the past. Not much from them this time around, but they can really be looked at as a band that tries, and when they try, they give you something really good.


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