Top Ten Sexiest Comic Creators of 2011

It is the end of the year and a lot of sites are putting out lists like “Top 10 Best Writers” or “Top 10 Must Read Graphic Novels.” Those lists are great, but let’s get to the heart of the matter. When it comes to comic books, the only thing that really counts is….who is the sexiest! So here is the Freakin’ Awesome Network’s Top Ten Sexiest Comic Creators of 2011!

#10: Charles Soule: Creator of Shadowline’s 27 and consummate musician, Charles combines the inherent sexiness of writing comics with the undeniable sex-ba-bomasticness of being a musician. But keep your hands off this one ladies – he’s taken!

Musically sexy!


#9: Sam Humphries:This is the ‘bad boy’ of indie comics and his animal magnetism cannot be denied. He flaunts comic book convention and releases his own comics. His smash hit SACRIFICE has already crushed it with its first run and if his sexy ‘do isn’t enough for you – this is the guy who wrote OUR LOVE IS REAL, so you know his sexiness extends beyond mere humans and into the realm of plants and gemstones (rumor has it he’s got a thing for rubies).

Sexier than an Onyx Gemstone!


#8: Brian Clevinger:Writer of Red 5 Comics’ ATOMIC ROBO, Brian has the kind of smart-sexiness that drives the girls in R&D wild! But this hunky writer isn’t all science; he’s got a softer side as well. Whether it’s assembling robots by candlelight or drawing up blueprints for a new rocket propulsion system on the beach, it’s pretty clear that he knows how to handle the ladies.

What's binary code for sexy? 11100101


#7-6: Chris & Shane Houghton:The Brothers Houghton are the creators of REED GUNTHER – a cowboy adventure comic that has rocked the general audiences market. These two brothers are the kind of rugged, manly comic writers that defy all expectations. Sure they may appear cute and cuddly in this picture, but these two are a couple of Regulators. One fought a bear to a draw and the other is quite handy with a lasso. Traits that will definitely get the local cowgirls in a tizzy!



#5: Mike Costa:Mike Costa is, among other things, the writer of IDW’s COBRA title which has reinvigorated the franchise as of late. With his upcoming Smoke & Mirrors comic it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Mike is very familiar with sleight of hand and he knows how to make the magic (in the bedroom) happen! As a guy fluent in the magical arts, Mike is constantly fending the ladies off with a stick (or wand in this case). His name can be added to the long list of Lotharios in the world of magic. Copperfield, Blaine, Angel…..COSTA.

Makes sexiness appear out of thin air!


#4: Viktor Kalvachev:
Creator of BLUE ESTATE, Viktor is a sexy import from the exotic land of Bulgaria. This comic creator came all the way to the US just to bring his charm and charisma to the ladies of the red, white and blue. How sexy is he? I received a communiqué from the Bulgarian Board of Tourism while researching this article; before Viktor left Bulgaria, it was the #1 Sexiest Country in Europe. After he left, it dropped to dead last. That means Viktor Kalvachev’s unstoppable sexiness was single-handedly keeping Bulgaria’s tourism industry alive.

This is what's listed under "sexy" in the Bulgarian dictionary.


#3: Ross Campbell:Shadoweyes, The Abandonded, Wet Moon. What do they all have in common? That’s right – a huge following of babes and Mr. Ross Campbell is their Elvis. He’s dark, he’s brooding, he’s a mystery, wrapped in an enigma wearing glasses. What’s hiding under that sexy exterior? Is it a deranged, dark past that haunts him to this day? Or is just more sexiness? That unknown element, that Riddickness is what drives the girls wild and puts Ross at #3 on our list.

Dark n' sexy = 2X the sexy!


#2: Brian Wood:If you don’t think Brian Wood is sexy then you don’t have a pulse. The guy is as smart (DMZ) as he is rugged (Northlanders). He’s the total package. Just look at him there with that come-hither smile and holding a copy of his comic DMZ as if to say, “If you like this, you’ll LOVE me.” Oh we do Brian….we all do. Brian burned his way into our hearts with his multi-faceted sexiness and solidified his place at #2 on our list with the recent announcement that he’ll be writing the sexiest of all sexy comics – CONAN THE BARBARIAN with Becky Cloonan (who’s pretty sexy too, but come on, look at these guys).



#1: Kurtis Wiebe:GREEN WAKE is what happens when sexiness and comic books share a romantic weekend in Paris. Kurtis Wiebe embodies everything there is about sexiness: he’s got a beard and he’s Canadian. Bulgaria is one thing, but Canada – it doesn’t get any more exotic than that. Anyone who hasn’t spent a winter evening New foundland, doesn’t know what sexy truly is. Kurtis makes it to #1 on our list of the Top Ten Sexiest Comic Creators because of his intensity. Take a look at that pic. Intensity + beard + maple syrup = #1 Sexiest Comic Creator.

Oh Canada!

That’s our TOP TEN SEXIEST COMIC CREATORS of 2011!  Congrats to all the sexy winners.  If you weren’t on the list this year, try and sexy it up in 2012 alright?


Apologies to anyone who wasn’t included, but it’s hard to find everyone’s picture online. Have a great holiday weekend everybody who’s reading this! And follow me on Twitter @dethfilm