July 26th Album Releases

The mid-summer buzz of those symphonic noises we call music has greatly been cast upon our ears. Deep, huh? Thanks.

This week, I am back with more musicians out there just trying to make a living. This week seems to have more artists instead of bands producing new music, so enough wasting time, let’s get to them songs and such!

By the way…if anyone wants to make a cool logo or something for this, that’d be pretty awesome. But NOW on to the thing I’m writing!

Vanessa Carlton – “Rabbits on the Run”

Yes, as you can tell, this Pennsylvillain (or whatever people from Pennsylvania are called) has something against little bunnies! I wish I wasn’t kidding. This piano playing prodigy from Pennsylvania, believe it or not, considered writing film scores instead of her fourth album. Luckily, she made the right choice. First single “Carousel,” which is not a cover of the Mr. Bungle song, much to my chagrin, has what it takes to be a smash hit on the radio…but it doesn’t feel like it will be heard over the airwaves. Just something about it. It’s good, don’t get that wrong, but we all know how those powers that be, those suits and ties feel about songs that are different. Speaking of ties…this album is the first of Carlton’s on the Razor & Tie label, which has producted other works from such bands as Danko Jones, Bowling For Soup, and The Summer Set. Finally, this album was uniquely inspired by books authored by Stephen Hawking and Richard Adams. How, you ask yourself? Check out the album for yourselves to find out!


Kelly Rowland – “Here I Am”


There you are, right there! In case you were directionally challenged, Kelly Rowland is here to help you! One-third of (the most popular version of) Destiny’s Child, Rowland has since gone solo, with Here I Am being her third album on her lonesome. Apparently, us in the United States are getting a different version than those in other countries. Due to getting more praise for her more dance-inspired songs internationally, those other countries are getting an album more focused on that. To say they are lucky might be a huge understatement if you ask me. But you didn’t ask me. Rowlands is currently slated to be a judge on The X Factor in the United Kingdom starting in November, a role she’s no doubt suited for.


Eric Church – “Chief”


When one thinks of country, they usually think of cowboy hats, drinking beer, and fighting. Well, Eric Church surely isn’t one to change that stereotype (and what would want him to?).  An outlaw in the genre, Church was so close to giving up on music and following orders from his future father-in-law to begin life in the corporate style, but eventually turned 180 on that whole idea, broke up with his fiancee and moved to Nashville to make something out of his dream. And look where it got him today. First single “Homeboy” is rather catchy, and hopefully others are like it on the album. As a matter a fact, “Homeboy” is the iTunes music video of the week, so it’s available for free for a short amount of time in case one wanted to check him out.

Little Dragon – “Ritual Union”


Another band that has something on iTunes for free, this time it’s the song by Little Dragon called “NightLight” as the Indie Song of the Week. Or whatever it’s called. Little Dragon, named after the nickname that was given to singer Yukimi Nagano, whose small frame somehow has a big temper, might be familiar to most as appearing on the Gorillaz’ album Plastic Beach on the songs “Empire Ants” and “To Binge.”


Joss Stone – “LP1”

Joss Stone, of Joss Stone fame, is releasing her fifth album this week, and will surely get a lot of buys from those who enjoy her music. Stone actually made news recently, as she was announced to be in the SuperHeavy supergroup, which is headed by Mick Jagger. She joins Dave Stewart, Damian Marley, and A. R. Rahman in the band. But back to her solo album. Here is a preview of the album from Joss Stone’s official YouTube page. Always cool to see musicians when they’re at work on songs. The music in it is entirely catchy, including the first single “Somehow. Stewart, who I mentioned above, is shown quite a bit in the video, so it appears as though he helped out a LOT during the recording process…but you could probably tell by watching. Needless to say, this album sounds like it’ll be great and should definitely be checked out.


That’s it for this week. I’ve got a surprise for you all in a couple weeks. Stay tuned…

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